In a study of human psychoacoustics, researchers found that human screams are not limited to alarming threat signals, but also display at least 6 different types of screams, including (a) when experiencing intense pleasure. screams, (b) screams of sadness and despair, (e) screams of joy and elation, (d) screams of pain, (e) screams of anger and rage, and (f) terrible screams.
This collection is aimed at six different screaming emotions, using clothing silhouettes instead of sound waves to show the shapes that will be generated for the six different emotions. The filler that makes the silhouette is a styrofoam ball that can make a sound when walking and pinched by hand, reducing the pressure of screaming. In addition to the silhouette, different colour prints are made of lace to express the colour change of people's moods in different emotions.
Screams are an effective way to convey emotional signals that are highly correlated in sociobiological interactions. This is an instinctual or reflex action that shows strong emotion.

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