The Line

“Boundary” is defined as “a line constituted naturally or artificially to delimit the extension of a territory, property or the sovereignty of a state”. This, however, can aqcuire a different meaning, enriching itself with a much wider value.

“Border” evokes concepts that are very different from each other. Those who see the border as an insurmountable barrier that divides humanity and generates conflict. As opposed to those who see it as an essential limit between good and evil, as a means of union, growth and identity.

The dress like the ‘Boundary’ covers a space, delimits and separates a physicality, and encloses a body whilst stretching its lines and dashes outwards opening spaces to the imagination, according to a continuous game of inside and outside relating the ego of one another. The dress, in its interweaving lines and curves, favours the relationship of the body and its intimacy and the external reality, in which the body itself moves within an open space to encounter and exchange between different images of corporeality.

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The Line

Hi, I'm Marta Menghi, I’m from Marche.
I've been interested, since I was a child, in the creative process behind a dress. and that's what I like about fashion: the process before the final product.

My collection is born from the idea of border as a "contact barrier".
The dress is like a second skin, a dress - border that encloses an identity, separates the inside from the outside.
the border is not a barrier for me, but a line that puts us in relation with the whole world of which I have always felt a citizen.

I want that who see my collection to perceive my idea of the borderline that, at the same time, separates an identity but opens to otherness in a space that expands infinitely.
In this period of pandemic, I believe that the border, as a wall, has collapsed, taking on the meaning of a necessary contact with the other. I have translated these concepts into lines that separate and contain the body horizontally and vertically.