The Double-Side of the Woman

The presented project find its end with the creation of a women's fashion collection.

During the majority of past events and situations, women’s desire to change their lives and rebuild the sense of themselves came to light. That’s where the focus of my project come up: showing women’s chance to be finally able to do male-dominated occupations fighting gender stereotypes is the key of this project.

Two women are representing and honoring this purpose through their actions that changed the course of history. Oveta Culb Hobby, first director of the Female Military Corps and Elizabeth I Tudor, Queen of England and Ireland from 17th November 1558 until her death.
The project’s aim is based on the analysis of the world that surrounded those two great characters, such as the WASP or the national wealth brought by Elizabeth’s actions.

This brings to light women’s chance to be empowered by two opposite aspects:
on one hand we’ll find the woman who’s honored by military conquest while on the other one stands the woman who’s monarch power has been the source of her honor.

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The Double-Side of the Woman

My name is Luisa, I am a second year student of the Biennium in Fashion and Textile Design at NABA.
My interest in fashion was born some time ago admiring my parents and the passion for their work as tailors, I decided to undertake a course of study based on fashion, starting with the Artistic High School and then continuing to the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and the end get to Milan in NABA, to experience a city that has a lot to give in this field.
I have always been fascinated by the possibility that fashion gives you to express who you are and what you want to tell.