Originally inspired by the tabletop role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons, connecting with nature and anthropomorphizing nature
It transforms into natural armour against human aggression with bark, ripples on the water surface, and soft animal fur.
Some mimic knights, some become mages, and some become bards. . . . .Follow Dragons and Underground
Occupation in the city
The mimics of nature were each assigned different responsibilities.
But they have no experience in combat, they just arm themselves with what looks like scale armour, with puffy sleeves
Children disguise their own power, just like nature's damage to human beings, like a mayfly shaking a tree without resistance.
However, they never gave up resisting the "evil dragon" of human beings in their seemingly weak ways.
I want to make gorgeous armour, as we can easily kill a small flower, even if she has spikes all over her body, she is naturally vulnerable to humans.
I wanted to act more like a ten year old noble girl, adorn her armor with
lace and everything she thought was beautiful. She knew nothing about
war. Her armor is fragile and gorgeous, like a prickly flower.

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