Living Layers

Living Layers are words that seek to materialize the influence that lived experiences have on our decision making, personality tones and way of appreciating life.

In my case, Colombia has given me the way to face challenges, taugh me to be positive and determines; Turkey has brought me spirituality and transcendence, the detachment from the earthly; Italy has taught me to question and find what is invisible to the eyes, it has awakened cultural curiosity and prompted me to do a better exploration of the form.

It is for this reason, I represent these 3 layers as accents that modify the appreciation of a look, depending on the various uses that are given to the pieces as a whole.

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Living Layers

Textile designer who aims to enhance the tradition in crafts and trust in the technology as a way of preserving the tradition; my role as fashion designer is to give value to the imperfection, as a signature of authenticity and progress. I’m Colombian, 25 years old and Over theses years I have had the opportunity to live both short and long periods in 5 countries and my Hometown, as well working in volunteering and professional careers at most of them. Each one of it allowed me to experience its kind beauty, enabling me to learn and to develop a diverse perspective of arts in innovation in crafts, awaking in me a wide view of the present world and its possible evolutions toward a most empathic and cooperative future.