Landscape Painting

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In modern times, the traditional Asakusa landscape has lost its development soil. In the industrialized information society, the status of Asakusa landscape is also at stake. As an old aesthetic model, it has broken through and re-improved new blood and modern society's aesthetic interest. Together.
Before the Jin and Tang dynasties, landscape painting mainly appeared in the form of green and colorful. With the development and advancement of the literati painting movement headed by Su Shi in the Song Dynasty, the aesthetic taste of literati and ink artists has undergone a huge change. Light-washed or light-colored landscape paintings based on ink and water have gradually entered the stage of painting history and become The main expression of Chinese landscape painting. The light-colored ink was originally born in turquoise and green, and gradually changed to a small green-green color and light color on the basis of ink and wash.On the basis of the literati ink and ink landscape, a new era with a label of the era was formed. landscape.
The categories of landscape painting coloring: light, green, gold, etc. Asagiri is an important style in traditional Chinese landscape painting, which has a high artistic and research value. At the same time, it is the fastest and most comprehensive in landscape painting because of the advocates of scholars. As the light-colored design can not only maintain the characteristics of pen and ink, but also highlight the characteristics of simplicity and lightness, it can directly penetrate the spiritual homeland of the literati, thus reflecting the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture. The shallow coloring method of horizontal coloring is coloring with the same type, coloring with yin and yang, and structural coloring. Vertically, the typical coloring characteristics of previous generations are used. Compared with western art expressions, this paper proposes the characteristics of Qiangshan landscape painting in fashion design.
Rely on the soil of Italy to develop the new fashion of shallow mountains and rivers, and at the same time, the new form does not depart from the traditional Chinese cultural spirit.

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Landscape Painting

Hello! My name is Wei wei, last name is Hua. I am from Jiangsu Province, China. I am currently studying for a dual master's degree in NABA and SUES.
I can speak Chinese and English.
Professionally, I started to study Fashion Design in 2013, and studied foreign trade, fabric, design, management and other courses with comprehen sive ability.
In the group, I have served as party secretary, deputy monitor, counselor, president, class representative and other positions.
After class, I love volunteer activities and actively contribute to society.


Bronze and Excellent Award for the “Three Shots · Chinese Cup” Design Competition ;

Bronze prize for floor plan design competition of China Handicraft Heritage Innovation Conference;

"Methods of Fashion Design Based on Fashion Trends" won the Excellent Paper Award of the International Forum on Textile and Garment Innovation ;

Won the title of "Beijing-Tianjin Wing Top 100 Young Fashion Designer" and the title of "Beijing-Tianjin Wing Top 100 Young Fashion Designer".