Techno is real

oday’s society and especially younger generations are constantly confronted with bad news. There are wars, political issues, protests, climate change, epidemics and unstable living conditions. People are standing up, they are longing for change. There are more big issues than ever before and the world seems full of negativity and pessimism.
Techno music and raves have been the sound of community once before. In the late 1980’s, during a time where Detroit (USA) was facing racism and high unemployment rates, the techno scene offered escapism and distraction from reality. When the Berlin wall in Germany fell, techno music reunited the east and west parts of Berlin after over 28 years of separation.
Can techno music again be a social movement and become a form of positive celebration during these difficult times?

Techno may be visualized through music visualization programs that focus on the beats and drops iconic for this genre. Visualizations are further developed into shapes.

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Techno is real

Anna Maria Junker
MA Fashion & Textile Design
NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Based in Milan, Italy