Heaven Hell

One of the central topics in the philosophy of art is the discussion of beauty. Philosophers have specific definitions and views of beauty.According to Islamic scholars, the beauties of this world are flawed and limited manifestations of absolute beauty, namely The Most High God. The second central issue is the role of imagination in the emergence of artwork. Islamic scholars have discussed extensively the subject of imagination and the power of the imagination and its effect on the emergence of works of art such as poetry. On the other hand, in Sadr al-Mutallin’s transcendental view of the philosophy of art, the source of art of some of the divine names and attributes such as creativity and goodness is regarded as transcendent in the sense that all human beings are inherently divine caliphs and inheritors of divine attributes. Artists also express these names and attributes by creating works of their own.The collection includes a fashion collection of women-wear and head accessories that deals with the Persian approach to the concept of Heaven and Hell.This collection provides a comprehensive overview of ancient and contemporary Iranian history and to discussions in the framework of the philosophy of Persian art, the poems and the role of the imagination in the artwork are discussed.One of the central issues in the philosophy of art is the discussion of beauty and aesthetics. Communicating between aesthetics, antiquity, era, contemporary art and philosophy has been studied. The process of this collection is to review early texts (bibliography) and research on Iranian culture and art and then explore the textiles of the motifs and techniques used.This collection examines the colors and their influences from ancient times till now in Iranian art. This collection contains how to convert the imagination belongs to the poem, philosophy and art into the fashion collection.And finally a conceptual and contemporary collection of Persian elements obtained.

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Heaven Hell

Able to combine traditional art with contemporary, with philosophical and imaginative views. Sensitive and dreamy. Like to be fancy and in the center of the attention. Creative by a deep passion for fashion and strong determination to perform great work.Impatient, yet subtle on works.