For The People

This collection is about making a statement about oppression, injustice and using fashion as a tool for telling my story.

Internal wars caused by dogmatic norms and so-called “culture”. Social, political, sexual restrictions and injustice on every step of the way. Simple imagery of conflicts and embodying it with a fashion collection.

Decorated with harnesses and masks, combined with traditional prints and technique, cultural elements to reflect the conflicts a person may have under oppressive power.

Each garment has a different name. Names of the people who suffered and eventually got killed under oppressive power. Unfortunately this sad reality is not going to change unless there are serious consequences for those who abuse their power to traumatise and hurt others. When people try to fight against this systematic oppression, they are told by many people that what they’re doing is against the cultural norms and it’s bad for the newer generations because “they are being brainwashed by these unacceptable ideas”. This is a hardcore way of denying simple justice to those who are suffering. Because any counter idea is a threat to their norms. As the years go on, you’d except things to get better but each day things seem to get worse. People are not educated on matters such as women’s rights, child abuse, LGBTQ+, equality, etc. And they avoid being educated because they are afraid of equality.

This collection has been a journey, especially because it was during the pandemic. But I am happy with the outcome. I pushed myself to different aspects and learned a lot on the way.

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For The People

My name is Muhammed Erenhan ISIK. But I go by Eren for short. I was born on April 28th, 1995 in Adana, Turkey. I’ve completed my undergraduate studies on Industrial Design Engineering in 2017. During my Bachelor’s Degree I’ve done multiple internships as an Industrial Designer and that’s when I decided to pursue a career based solely on design, specifically fashion design. I started doing my master degree on Fashion and Textile Design at NABA in Milan, Italy in 2018.

I’m a goal driven person with visual passion. I take inspirations from political and social climate to express my ideas. I play with shapes of garments and decorate them with cultural and artistic elements.

In the near future, I would like to be a part of a design team of a fashion house in Milan so I can further my career in Italy. I want to learn more things from other designers and people in the industry by taking parts in teams or individual projects.