Evidence of Existence

If I die, what will I leave for others to remember me?

Right now maybe most of us can only leave some social accounts, and a smart phone, and a computer. That's all we left for others to remember.
I was born in Guangdong province which next to HongKong. And I have many relatives who living in Hong Kong so I have a strong feeling with HongKong.
My grandmother passed away and she had Alzheimer's disease. She only remembered things that long time ago, she hardly remembered her son, daughters and me even she spent so many time with me when I was a child.
That is the reason why I like some old things, such as polaroid, old newspapers. Those are the evidence of life, proof of being alive or lived. I want to remember all the tenderness and breath of life in this world.

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Evidence of Existence

Fashion Designer/Photographer/Model
Ruonan Wen, or you can call her Viola, is a student who major in Fashion and Textile Design at the NABA, Milano. She received her B.S from Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai and will receive her M.D from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di MILANO. She focuses on Women wear, also interested in photograph graphic design and illustration. Her women wear collection “Seccession” was shortlisted at China's Guangzhou College Student Fashion Week in 2018, wined the second place on campus and participated in the fashion show. Her book “see with your touching” won the first prize in the Guangdong Star Competition in Guangdong Province.