Produced to use the power of fashion, science and curiosity to communicate and take action with some of the world’s most complex problems of our time, the name of the dress is used as the collection's name.
The ‘gen we’ generation with this mindset is the customer profile.
The starting point of the collection is Gen WE’s comfort zone.
We know that Gen Z faces excellent pressure from society regarding education, financial stress and success.
They grow up in a digital world first, defined by cultural agglomeration and conflict connecting them;
It is a similar style in their approach to life and the business world.
The more conscious Gen WE’re nomadic mindset will lead them to many rural, and coastal regions and in doing they will reshape the home in domestic style.
Gen Z’s fluid, go-anywhere approach different from millennial tribalism will open up the rural landscape as a creative destination.
This journey is the inspiration for this collection.

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