The collection presented is inspired by the world of classical dance, in relation to electronic music. It is analysed through the music video of “Moon” a song by Bjorke.
Elements such as the flamboyant, almost fluorescent colors of hair and make-up are taken from this video, also the volume of Bjorke’s frizzy and thick hair. These characters match the romantic features of the dancers' clothing, analyzing both the more poetic aspect of the stage costumes, and the more "sporty" / technical one used in the warm-up phase.
Tights are the symbol these two worlds combined.
Synthetic fabric, bearing a romantic, almost vintage aura, wrapped in a fundamental dance garment. Intertwined, crossed, disassembled, cut, decorated, with an almost spiteful but at the same time vintage vein. The context analysed is amplified by the idea of a world linked to the past, almost antiquated, that could remind us of laces of a grandmother's closet, maybe a little dated and perhaps a little ugly.

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Arianna Codoro

My name is Arianna Codoro and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Scopello, a small town situated in a small valley in Piedmont.
I studied sculpture at Liceo Artistico d’Adda in Varallo and after graduation I came in Milano and I attended a basic course of fashion design at AFOL school. In 2017 I started a degree of Fashion Design in NABA.
My passion for fashion comes from sculpture. The step between the two of them is the idea of make real something that is just immaginary, to dynamise something that at first was just static, to habit a body and bring him to life.
In my view the focus goes to the act of "creating" in the sense of turn an idea full of fantasies, contents, memories and concepts into reality.
I’m fascinated by the power of communication of art that many times is able to express much more than any word.
For creating I mean "pure reading of immaterial images".

The project based on the 'Zanda' collection develops around the theme of ballet, told in a poetic style with sportswear and a specific focus on the tights element.
The project follows the creative ideas of designer Arianna Codoro step by step in order to better communicate both the brand and the collection itself.
The concept is to represent the four fundamental periods in a woman's life, a life marked by memories and tights of all types.

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Maria Colombo

Hi! My name is Maria, Jud for my friends, as my second name is Judith; a name from the Netherlands, where my mum comes from.

I’m half from Holland and a 50% from North Italy, Piemonte, Lago Maggiore.
I was born in Milan on 25th of April in 1998.

My passion for fashion comes from years and years of interest in Design and Images, power of images, fashion has always been in my opinion one of the most creative fields from this point of view.

These two projects carried out during the last academic semester are the result of a lot of personal and creative research.

In such a complicated period I looked for a way to work at my best, also trying to have fun and learn from experiences, also to understand how to work at ANY time.

I feel very close to this two project, i can see my personality and the designer's too in a single communication project, a project that kept me company, and I became very attached to this work during the lockdown period.

Starting from the creation of a logo, from the application of it on merchandising, to the creation of products through concepts up to the actual communication of the brand and the current collection and the organization of events such as a fashion show or presentation, the path was unique and affective.

My inspirations for these two projects were first of all the designers themselves, learning to know their personality and then present them is always a unique and indescribable experience.

To be able to tell about a personality and its path you have to dig deep and put yourself in the designer's place.
What is your goal?
How would you describe your collection to an audience with images? Which target do you want to represent? How do you think it is best to represent it?

At this point as well my personality will be added and the fusion of creator and stylist give birth to a project which becomes unique and gives possibilities to give strength to the collection.