Altea Patrizi Montoro

I’m Altea Patrizi Montoro and I’m studying fashion design at NABA in Rome. I’ve always been interested in telling stories and creating characters. Everyday life is a continuous inspiration for me as are books and movies. When I was little I wanted to become a film director, but growing up fashion captivated me so much it became my way of understanding and visualizing people. It helps me narrate the story I’d like to live and somewhat I’m already living.
In conclusion, fashion allows me to learn anything in a fun and anti conventional way, feeding my limitless curiosity.


Wonka’s Bike

Wonka’s bike is inspired by a fairytale landscape linked to real and functional elements. From this dualism it emerges an outsider, Willy Wonka, who is capable of transforming a factory into a surprising place, which conventionally has nothing to do with a factory.
Combining his dandy style with that of a biker, it appears a different facet of his person.
Finally, he decides to transition into a she, a she who looks and wants to be looked at, no longer by men, but by women themselves.

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The thousand facets of the female psyche, and their expression, lead to an imaginary that puts the woman at the center of everything. In fact, from the union of the famous figure of Willy Wonka and the figure of the 70’s bikers, it derives the feminine and seductive declination of dandy. A mix of madness and tenacity, makes the woman no longer as fragile as a flower, but as powerful as a bomb ready to explode, capable of causing a havoc that only she is able to dominate. Mistress of herself and her surroundings, the most powerful weapon at her disposal is her sex appeal. The feeling of mastery of her own body makes her the object of an irrepressible desire, which often leaves behind her countless victims. However, this will not prevent her from continuing the long journey together with her own, accomplices of the same destiny.

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Cecilia Maria Rosaria Corso

My name is Cecilia Maria Rosaria Corso, and I am studying Fashion Styling and Communication at Naba (Rome). After attending law school for a few years, I decided to change course and move to a sector that would allow me to express my creativity one hundred percent. Working on different projects as Stylist and Art director, and always confronting myself with all the members of the teams I worked with, I was able to better direct my artistic vision, learning to use different methods of communication.