Christoph Puntel

I am Cristoph Puntel I am 24 years old I was born in Tolmezzo (UD) and I am a fashion design student. Having grown up in a small tailor’s shop has accentuated my attention to the small details of the garments and to make them look like a second skin for the wearer. I have always been a curious person and passionate about fashion, literature and philosophy. This led me to unite two similar but different worlds, that of fashion and literature. In fact I think of my collections as if they were books that are able to bring emotions every time you wear them, as do the books that every time you read they transmit something.


Instagram: @cristophpuntel @writingmemomoriesinthedark


This collection is the result of a book by Apuleius, Le metamorfosi. A book that for its time has aroused scandal, in fact this novel deals with a subject that had never been treated as did the Latin writer. One of the main themes in fact is magic. From this I started to try to imagine how witches could dress. Starting from this period when magic was already condemned, but it was still seen with a more open eye and especially in a more delicate way. Instead, I wanted to contrast this with what is a dark and bloodier period, namely the Middle Ages. Centuries in which everything becomes darker and bleak, and period where all the condemnations and burning of witches begin. In this collection, therefore, we find the union of these two worlds, the shapes and freedom of the body are taken from the Greek era while the colors and the setting takes up the medieval one. I wanted to do this to try to give my vision of esotericity, raising the vision of witches and the magical world.

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