White Flux

The phenomenon called “white noise” it's a particular type of noise characterized by an absence of periodicity in time and costant amplitude across the frequency spectrum.
Practically, listening to the background of white noise, springs in individuals an epiphany, we saddenly feel relaxed as if we were back to our childhood home. The theme that will be treated in the collection is not conceived as a beneficial effect on our mind, but will be conceived as a real urban noise that torments us all the time making this phenomenon something so invasive to such an extent that in the moment the white noise cease, our mind would identify the void and the silence, something alienating and anomalous.
The same concept is attributed to the famous “television noise”, more commonly called as signal failure. Behind this anomaly, there are systems created in order to improve the audiovisual quality and of the transmission such as the monoscope.

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Alessandra di Girolamo

My passion for Fashion Design comes from the will of expressing my own point of view to the world, to experiment new shapes, new fabrics and new concepts.
I like to get always ivolved with new styles and new influences. My collections are a union of thecnical fabrics with innovative patterns.

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