West Clint Coast

The concept of “WestClint Coast” collection starts from the works of the photographer Neil Krug, also called “the music photographer” for his numerous collaboration with great artists such as Lana del Rey, Asap Rocky or The Weekend. Krug’s setting create a vintage atmosphere, with strong and saturated colors, where purely female subjects are surrounded by typical scenarios of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western, creating an immediate social contrast that is to se women in libertine robes in a rigorous male contest. The collection, in addition to taking inspiration from the typical spaghetti western clothes, introduces elements that are inspired by the characterizing settings, in particular the idea of the graceful shapes of the female body or the waves that create the sand, but always keeping a conception of pure and primitive femininity that stands out in Krug’s shoots.

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Marianna Spinelli

I’m Marianna, I’m 24 and I came from Nocera, a small town near Salerno in southern Italy. I’ve studied textile production at the high school, and now thanks to the various work experiences and the BA in fashion design, I was able to evolve my style and my skills, also discovering the passion for the world of accessories.