Voice of Z

The main theme of the collection is on which “sound” my generation is producing though fashion.
My research started analyzing an Iconic vintage garment food in my Mather’s closet, this is an A line skirt by an Italian brand called Incotex form the spring summer 99. Because its date of “birth” I decide to use is as striating point.
Looking at the skirt I concentrate myself on three main point : the richness of the fabrics, the simple lines and the motif of flowers.
While drawing and researching in my mind I had the faces of alla my best friends, the girls with whom I am growing up. They are my primary source of inspiration, they symbolize the new faces of the world, of progress and globalization. As part of the z generation I took advantage of the photos that portrayed them, recreating a story line that dialogues with the theme of the collection. My collection relates to the world and embraces every culture, from the big city to the smallest village surrounded by nature.

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Maria Nastasia Giovanardi Gatti

I grew up in the fashion industry, this helped me developing the passion for fashion design.
In high school I studies languages, this educational background gave me the ability to deal with people from different cultures and appreciate the differences between me and the rest of the world.
Thinking about three years ago, I feel like I choose the best street for myself. I learnt a lot, I grow up and I met a lot of beautiful people.
After the pandemic I know better how strong I am, this period helped my persona to do not surrender, everything is possible if I want it.
I am ready to start this new chapter of my life.