Analyzing the theme of “sound of fashion”, I extrapolated the theme of echo and reverb: echo is a phenomenon produced by the reflection of sound waves against an obstacle that are in turn again perceived by the issuer while reverberation is an acoustic phenomenon linked to the reflection of the sound wave by an obstacle placed in front of the sound source, Through this definition I in turn reinterpreted through my personal perception what I perceived in this explanation exposing the image that I perceived through the works of Angela Glajcar, Mia Pearlman, German street artist 1010 and Pia Männikkö.

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Leda di Ienno

My name is Leda Di Ienno, I’m from Varese, a town not far from Milan, my passion for fashion was born with drawing, I have been drawing since I can remember and thanks to this passion that I learned to create anything through my hands and also thanks to this passion that I started my studies in fashion design.
Form my spring/summer collection I used a lot the elements of repetition and transparency, combined with different techniques of fabric manipulation.
The idea of this project was born after having analysed the concept of “sound of fashion”, and analysing the sound and its movements I was fascinated by the theme of echo and reverb.