Drawing inspiration from the selfish and oblivious mindset of the
Versailles’ court during Marie Antoinette’s reign as Last Queen of France (1774-1791).
The intention behind setting the scenery in Space is to give the feeling of something extraterrestrial, almost unreachable and opulent beyond belief.

The collection explores the extravagant female sihlouettes of the time period while juxtaposing them with more modern looking textures, fabrics and prints such as metalllics and holographics to bring the
essence of outer spae and create an eceledtic harmony.

On a more psychologycal level, the collection intends for the viewer to be visually overhelmed by the opulent and extravagant. Playing with the boundaries of what is considered “too much” and then continuing to break them with a purpose. To assimilate the baroque and its intention to visually stimulate but also almost disturb the viewers eye in a way that leads them to a sort of spiritual enlightenment.

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Maria Jesus Brenes Muñoz

Maria Brenes, 22
San Jose, Costa Rica // Milan, Italy

BA in Fashion Styling and Communication A.Y. 2021/2022