Unveiled Personalities

“Unveiled personalities“ investigates the human attempt to appear bolder in the search of the true self. A black and white aesthetic meets colour, taken from dance as self exploration. Iconic menswear garments encounter the craft of draping, expressing musical rhythm. The structure of a black blazer flows into champagne drapings, representing slow body movements in long time values in dance. The protective nature of the beige trench coat is combined with colourful voluminous sleeves, interpreting loud words and exaggeration. Intense gatherings translate quick movements in high tempo while fine jersey draperies represent the diverse muscle successions, accentuating musical pauses. Colourful ribbons, inserted in sheer fabrics, remind of our warmth, explored through body movement. The fabrics of choice come with a duality of their own. Soft organza deceives the viewer’s eye layer by layer, while colourful satin drapes tend to look bolder under the spotlight. Very much humans alike.

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Simona Kyosovska

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 04.01.1999. I studied in a French high-school for languages and then moved to study fashion design in NABA, Milan, Italy. I have a background in ballroom and latin dance, and a strong interest in filmmaking and video montage. Being a psychological enthusiast and extremely focused on a person’s inner world, I like portraying emotional conditions through my designs, always keeping in mind that the piece I am creating must bring value to the outer world.

The theme of this series is euphemistic death, so according to the designer's clothing design concept and clothing ready-to-wear, the cemetery performance is used as the concept of this brand

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Chen Zhiqing

Chen zhiqing fashion stylist@ art director/chen
My name is Channy
I was born and raised in China, my fashion passion come from Magazine
My styling project is great.