Eleonora Ludovico

Eleonora Ludovico was born in Castellaneta (TA) on 28/01/2000. She graduated in applied sciences from the G.B. Vico. She always had a talent for art which led her to study fashion design at NABA.
Through the practice of other arts such as dance and music, she developed her artistic skills by expressing her feelings and emotions.
Her whimsical skills in the creative field help her design and develop projects with a strong personality.
She has a great empathy and sensitivity that leads her to carry out team projects in the best possible way and excellent ability to adapt to any type of situation, resulting in a multitasking person, fundamental in teamwork. Skilled in graphic and illustrative field, which he developed with his studies in Naba.
She is also knowledgeable about textiles and knitting.
She enjoys influencing her creations through her distinctive artistic qualities and performance skills.

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“UNVEILED”, is a womenswear collection having as main subject of research the tent.
Through the tent we place a barrier with the external world, this tent is the dress we wear to cover and defend ourselves from our surrounding, the layers we tend to overlap are the shield we raise towards others.
Our body becomes the environment in which we exist and communicate, consciously or unconsciously, feelings and emotions and clothes are just the mask we use.
Not realizing we are only composed by our EGO.

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The curtain falls, the veil is gone, the essence and the body are legible, naked to the human eye, the superstructures collapse together with the masks. Everything is revealed, even the hidden sides. The barrier is broken down, leaving room for being in its truest and most original form.
Complex and sinuous shapes dominate the aesthetics and the colours reflect the shades of the soul.

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Gabriele Maurici

I'm Gabriele Maurici, I'm 22 and I live in Como.
I attend the fashion styling and communication course at NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, this experience has led me to develop technical, design, research, tailoring skills and good graphic knowledge thanks to the use of programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Teamwork and collaborations have made me gain relational and organizational skills, allowing me to manage better intense work situations.