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A men’s collection with the aim to merge two different types of environments, the street art environment, through the paint and the “graffiti”, with the classical line of men suits, renewing through cut and shapes in a modern key.
-Take inspiration from the paints made by Emilio Vedova, which are transformed in workings on the fabric, through the realization of abstract shapes with the brush strokes.
- Take inspiration from street art like “ graffiti”, with the scope to adapt the street art to men’s tailored suits.
-Take inspiration from the works made by Jenny Holzer for the “Wallpaper” magazine.
Such works contain shapes like scribbles, which are transformed in stitching on the fabric.

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Pierfrancesco Pierucci

I’m Pierfrancesco Pierucci, i was born in Pietrasanta and currently live in Milan.
I have a scientific background and a great passion for art. In the last few years, I have found my personal style, which has as its main objective to combine the tailoring / classic style for men with the streetwear style through manipulations and prints of fabrics.