Femininity is the core of project. It can take on different interpretations, the visual imagery that I decided to give it is a “mature” femininity. The aim is to create a contrast between the refinement and finesse of the garments and an industrial and lived-in style of the set design.
Elements that run through this fashion show are veils and fabrics in neutral tones and finally, to give depth to the whole, vases, pillars and lived objects.

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Giorgia Simioni

Hi, my name is Giorgia Simioni and I'm attending the Fashion Styling and Communication course at NABA. I was born in Switzerland but I grew up in Italy.
I developed my passion for fashion in the Caste of Grada where a wonderful dress was shown.
This project was born from Martina Zucchi's "Il Sogno Italiano" collection. Inspired by this idea, I decided to represent femininity in a more mature and respectable key, creating a contrast with the setting more lived-in. Key elements are drapes that hide antique objects, as if it were a rediscovery of the antiquities of the past and the exhumation of unique memories.