The perennial search for infinite time, for "timelessness."
Unattainable utopia, alive only in memory and remembrance.
The aesthetic appeal of the garments to uniforms and uniforms, the use of Helvetica as a recognizable and immortal font idealize the existence of eternity. In contrast, running is understood as movement toward "forward" and ash as the embodiment of birth and death recall the circle of life enclosed by a beginning and an end.

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Micol Ceretta

Hi I am Micol, I am 22 and originally from Friuli, a region in the north of Italy. I currently live in Milan, I moved here mainly to study but also to work.
My passion for fashion stems from the importance of clothing as a means of expression for me.
This project is about timelessness, a search for eternity that finds life in memory.
The setting is inspired by the sculptor Manfred Khielnof and his guardians of time, reinterpreted in a symbolic search key.

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