Gabriele Tasin

Iím a young designer born in Trento and based in Milano.

I have started my path in fashion when I was eighteen with my first fashion show still attending the fashion school.

After worked in London, the fascination of the city, brought me to adopt a post-apocalyptic aesthetic. I take inspiration from Yohji Yamamoto and Martin Margiela archives, choosing colors like black and grey scale, over sized volumes and straight shapes. My signature? The row cut and basting thread.

I do not consider myself as only a fashion designer but a creative in all its shapes.


COLLEZIONE #1 was born thinking about myself and my idea and perception of fashion, and how could be my brandís values. Reading Giorgio Armaniís letter on WWD Iíve thought that vision was part of mineís since Iíve started studying fashion. So Iíve decided to base the philosophy upon four concepts: artisanal, timeless and trend-less, forms purity and giving value to products and to who mades them. Iíve designed all the pieces thinking about the single product, wearable both men and women, to increase the green wardrobe philosophy and reduce wastes, to bring costumers to the idea of ďbuy less, buy betterĒ.
The collection is mainly made in natural fabrics and accessories, but there are also clothes made in polyester or nylon to underline the duality of fashion world and its approach to the ecology. Garments made in natural fabrics are finished with red bias tape to ennoble them, unlike the synthetics ones.

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The goal of my interpretation of the collection is to establish a collaboration born from the need to bring to light an artisan style, in the name of comfort, devoid of trends, which enhances the workmanship, lasting and pure.

These are the key points that define the Gabriele Tasin brand, born from the intuition of Gabriele Tasin and from the aesthetic organization of Giorgia Ferlauto, head of Art Direction: two completely different personalities, but thanks to what is called the "law of 'attraction', they manage to coexist and sustain each other, not only in the workplace. The brand, shaped by the sketches drawn on Gabriele's sketchbook, takes shape through the experience of a show curated in every detail by Giorgia.

A path made of communication, exchange of ideas and suggestions.
A constant research, in the method, in the history, in the materials and in the forms.
A defined path that actually realizes a long desired project.

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Giorgia Ferlauto

My goals are to aspire, grow and learn.
I am attentive to even the smallest details, without neglecting the main directives and the correct working methodology.
I'm always looking for new ideas that can challenge me.
Mine is an open, creative, determined, organized mind.
I am an extremely dynamic and sunny person, I love dialogue and interaction.
I like to work in the roles of planning, organization, coordination, preferring collaborative activities and assuming, where necessary, the leadership role, in a participatory attitude.