Trascendent Water

Sound is the sensation given by the vibration of a body in oscillation.
Everything in nature vibrates, resounds in a splendid melody.
The water dances at the sound of his music, with elegance between contrasts, it flows lightly on our planet, inside the flame or flying in the air; for what it has always been: harmony, dissonance, game, evolution, contrast, hurricane and quiet, silence and storm.

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Davide Poinelli

Davide Poinelli, born in 21/04/1994 in Salò, where I live.
I attended a scientific lyceum with an environmental specialization.
I attended economics in Parma (2013-2015), I left it and started experimenting with manual activities.
I worked in a floral atelier that organized events.
I went to England (2015), in the morning I went to school, in the afternoon I worked in a charity shop in the Candem Town neighborhood. We received donations. Very often the used clothes that were brought to us were put up for sale.
I enrolled in Naba (2017)