Edis Nedzath Pala

My name is Edis Pala Iím 26 years old officially from Bulgaria but I prefer to call myself a Balkans boy. My family is unique mixture of nationalities Iím quarter Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian and Turkish. My aesthetic as a fashion designer is bold, aggressive and avant-garde. I work a lot with material and textile manipulations and digital prints. My biggest inspiration is the persona Iím designing for. When I create my designs, I prefer to work mainly with my hands because I believe that only in this way, I can deliver my very personal point of view as a designer.


Traditions Make the Future is Haute Couture collection inspired from Bulgarian, Albanian, Serbian and Turkish traditional garments and culture.
Balkan folklore created in super futuristic and avant-garde way. The collection is using a lot of new technologies and forms. The whole project gives the feeling of a magical world full with mysteries.
This collection is for women with extremely powerful attitude. She is aggressive, bold, mysterious and very confident woman.

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Edis Palaís collection ďTraditions Make The Future'' is an homage to the places that have made him into the designer he is today. His inspiration comes from the beauty that holds his Balkan roots, mainly Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and Albania. From his patterns to the colors chosen, he innovated the Balkan Folklore in a futuristic way. I believe the message of his collection is never losing who you are, because at the end of the day in order to move forward you have to remember where you come from.

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Fabiola Najarro Granados

Hello everyone! My name is Fabiola Granados and Iím 21 years old. I was born and raised in Costa Rica, until I had the opportunity to pursue my dreams of fashion in Milan, Italy.

My passion for fashion comes from a gut feeling. I can take my creativity to the limit, and express everything that comes to mind. Studying Styling and Communications was a right choice for me, since I enjoy developing the brand identity of designers, working with others in order to achieve a goal and being surrounded by the creative minds of the Fashion Industry.