Federica Luciani

Iím Federica Luciani, Iím from a small town in the Marche region on the Adriatic Sea called San
Benedetto del Tronto. I attended the Artistic High School where my passion for art born.
Art is the tool that give me the possibility to fully express myself. Fashion is another passion of
mine, so I decided to combine together these two interests to convey my point of view and my
vision. My fashion collections always start from a long creative process in which I find a balance
between what I want to express and the figurative art that inspires me.
I strongly believe that clothes are the representative for a positive message and the person who
wears them is their witness.


Tracce di vita is the result of an extensive textual and iconographic research that starts from
Maria Lai, by going through the concept of Wunderkammer until the bed sheet: the heart of the
collection. The sheet is the silent witness of the personal journey of a human because collects memories
from birth to death. It takes the body shape and change with it. The sheet can be the shell that
offers protection as the placenta protects her fetus, a house and can be seen as a guardian of
life. The clothes become a Wunderkammer of the human life and collect the traces of it.
The collection is characterized by soft, voluminous and welcoming shells that overlap other pieces of
the collection. The garments are made with fabrics recovered from old sheets and second-hand
clothes: they are padded and enriched with embroideries or objects that symbolically represent
the traces lived by humans.

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The project "traces of life" was born from the collaboration with designer Federica Luciani, who developed her collection on the concept of memories, focusing on the theme of the sheet.
The sheet as a silent witness of the most intimate and personal path of man, from birth to death collects his memories; a shell that offers shelter as a home.

Starting from this theme I developed an idea of shooting that focuses on the theme of memory and that takes inspiration from the "Metamorphosis" of Kafka. I created a set design that echoed the idea of a glimpse of the home inserted in an outdoor environment, to emphasize the concept of shell and protection.

For each outfit, which represents a different phase of life, from birth to death, the setting will undergo a change. From the empty room devoid of memories, which represents the birth, to the room full of objects that refer to the life lived and the traces left over time.

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Sara Cesareo

My name is Sara Cesareo, I am twenty-one years old and I have almost reached the end of my career in Fashion styling and Communication in Naba, which has allowed me to know new expressive forms related to the world of communication.
I graduated from the artistic high school of Brera in Milan where I started my studies in the field of design. During my training I found the place where I could unleash my passions and discover new forms of creativity , which allowed me to approach the world of art, fashion and design through the realization of various projects.I particularly love everything about the artistic world that has become an influential part of my projects, and give voice to my imagination both through the images (and the realization of shooting) and through the words (creation of editorial content).