"What does the world need?"

What is the use of the planet and humanity?
The Earth and its inhabitants, in addition to acting, in order to improve and save the planet, must also possess HOPE and EMPATHY for others, elements that very often disappear completely from the human soul and which in reality are essential for the spiritual good. and physicist of our world.
In fact, at this moment it is suffering, both because of human actions and for the lack of empathy that man himself has, neither for his fellow men nor for his home.

After this departure of thought, we started looking for references to hope, since ancient times, its symbolism, because it is important, because it exists. There are entire pages of history on this element, one in particular was that of the Pandora's box, where, according to Greek mythology, evil enveloped humanity, due to the curiosity of the girl, who opened the forbidden box, releasing all the evils on men, to whom only HOPE remained as a remedy, also called “Fear of the future”.

The world must cling to hope in times of difficulty, because it can give light, happiness and positive thoughts even when there are only darkness and evil, very often it is the hope itself that carries a person forward, motivates him to work, to improve for have a better future.

Another element studied was the initiative of Vogue, called "VOGUE HOPE", where each issue of the magazine, in every part of the world, has shown through stories, photographs and illustrations, what and how hope is symbolized in different populations : for example, the circle in ancient China symbolized perfection, hope, empathy, or flowers are a symbol of hope, rebirth, empathy because they are exchanged for affection, memory, respect.
A woman herself is hope, the one who gives life to a possible better future, which can improve what is to come.

Having said that, can we therefore not lose hope and praise hatred, but love our neighbor?

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Matteo Tirelli

I’m from a small town near Lodi, in the north part of Italy.
The love for fashion comes from when I was little, thanks to my aunt, a great fashion victim of my childhood.
Right from the start I started designing clothes and this led me to choose NABA and become a fashion designer.

The keywords of this shooting are: hope and empathy, what the world needs right now. Elements have been used that recall these two words; in ancient China, the circle symbolized perfection, hope, empathy, as the flowers have the same meaning, they are exchanged for affection, memory and respect. The woman is hope, the one who gives birth to a new life that can perfect the life that will come.
The colors of dawn are the basis of the project, which will also be found in the shooting, warm and soft colors will remember the genesis of a new world.

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Giulia Montori

Hi! My name is Giulia Montori, I am 21 years old and I am about to finish my studies in NABA, Fashion Styling & Communication course. How was my passion for fashion born? Since I was little I always had clear ideas, very clear, since I attended a professional fashion institute, not wanting to abandon this great passion I continued my studies at NABA, there I realized that the design was not my strong, but that I preferred the communicative part, which led me to develop my way of being. I am a curious person, this has always led me to discover new things, that I liked developing my style.