Georgina Nicole’s collection “Timeless Rebel” is heavily inspired by Tim Burton and up-cycling. Her garments were created with the idea of contrast between style and color in mind. The clothes feature a series of knitted designs with a twist of gothic aesthetics. Georgina’s idea behind the up cycling came from taking apart timeless pieces from fashion history and repurposing them into new garments. The theme of her collection lies on the idea of standing out and owning your own voice. Wearing what you want without doubting oneself or what others might think is rebelling against the ‘norm’. Just as Tim Burton got out of the box, Georgina wants to do the same with her collection, where fashion can be up cycled and create the idea of contrast. Inharmonious visuals were the key to her clothes, as they were created to stand out in between the crowd.

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Fabiola Najarro Granados

Hello everyone! My name is Fabiola Granados and I’m 21 years old. I was born and raised in Costa Rica, until I had the opportunity to pursue my dreams of fashion in Milan, Italy.

My passion for fashion comes from a gut feeling. I can take my creativity to the limit, and express everything that comes to mind. Studying Styling and Communications was a right choice for me, since I enjoy developing the brand identity of designers, working with others in order to achieve a goal and being surrounded by the creative minds of the Fashion Industry.