This fuking life is like such a Nightmare

Mood swings, reflection, the often thinking about life...
These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night, it's the continuous reflections and regrets that don't make me go forward in life, it's the cries made in front of someone that make me weak, but those made by myself with half screams make me stronger than anything.....
The people around me are similar to me, weak, frail, shy, so afraid to fight against everything, to be judged for a small decision....
Love is one of the strongest points of myself but at the same time also weak, because I know how to deal with it, I am able to feel feelings and understand what's in front of me but I can't stand for the fear of being judged or of hurting someone...but I can give advice, but personally I'm not able to follow them when it's my turn!
I am a simple person who unmasks my evil, my sufferings, my ideas, my thoughts with a smile, trying to convey it to those around me and I am labeled as a happy person!
Which makes me happy because by doing good for someone I realize that I am someone, special for someone and at the same time happy and away from the world of thoughts...

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Mahek Preet Sandhu

My name is Mahek Preet Sandhu, I’m 21 years old.
I’m from Casalbuttano near Cremona, in Italy and I’m a fashion design student at Naba university in Milan.
Basically I’m from India, and I’m living in Italy from 14 years with my parents, and my passion for fashion was born thanks to my mom, she is also graduated in fashion design from India, when I was a child I always loved the way she worked also on the little details.
The reason to choose this profession is you can find elegance and beauty in every single thing, the simplicity is the inspiration for everything for a good beginning.
My collection is about a friend, very close to me, and I talked about “the child inside her”, she is mature but at the same time she act like a baby, and I used to observe her actions and her behavior.
I asked her the childhood photos to observe the outfits and the accessories to improve the design with something modern thats remind the childhood memories.
My collection is about 20 sketches and the outfits are very colorful and childish at the same time.
The outfits are comfortable and the materials are soft and sophisticated.