Chiara Antonietta Petrilli

My name is Chiara Antonietta Petrilli, I am a student in Naba “New Academy of Fine Arts”. I live in Pontecorvo (Fr). I have been immersed in the world of fashion since I was a child; I was enchanted by how a beautiful design then became a real dress, thus becoming a need. My project is inspired by Western and African cultures through obvious combinations, emphasizing the differences that exist, but with the aim of showing how harmonious these "discrepancies" are together.


The Collection consisting of 25 double face outfits represents Western garments with various prints and African elements.
These garments are made with contrasting lines and elements with the aim of showing the friction between the two cultures and
at the same time show that, despite the diversity, these elements come together harmoniously.

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Project of a sartorial activity in which abortion is the enhancement of the body that wears it.
Quoting the brand slogan "Everyone has perfect proportions, you just need to create the right dress"!