The rain has spoken

My project is a menswear collection. It is inspired by "Rain" and based on the research of waterproofing method, the experiment of textile was carried out.
Even today when technology is well developed, the weather changes still affect people's daily lives. For people in the city, the most direct impact is a travel and daily commuting. Such as raining days, the air will become humid, water will accumulate on the road, and rain will also wet clothes and belongings. Wet clothes can make people uncomfortable and also affect work and life, therefore, the raincoat was born.

As a garment which function is waterproof, raincoats inspire me to focus on the textile of wet fabric and waterproof. Looking back to the history of raincoat, the development of it and waterproof fabric give me more inspiration of textile.

So starting from rain, based on what people wearing on rainy days, I develop my collection and extend my thinking about clothing function and fashion.

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Xueyu Gu

Gu Xueyu, a third-year student majoring in fashion design, has completed her thesis discussion in July.

Xueyu was born in Xi’an, a city with a long history in China. She has spent a year in Beijing, studying painting and taking the art college entrance exam. She have been studying fashion design in NABA in the past two years. Before that, she studied fashion design at East China Normal University.

Xueyu has been a helper in Shanghai Fashion Week many times. In 2017, she participated in the show of the graduation design exhibition of East China Normal University. In 2018, she interned at XU ZHI Shanghai Studio.