Matilde Rech

Hi, My name is Matilde Rech, I’m 22 years old and I come from Como a small city in Lombardy. I studied tourism in high school, but it wasn’t my right way. I have always wanted to create something with my studies in Naba everything was possible. During the three years, I became passionate about textile and digital illustration. The macramé technique is an example of experimentation textile, during my last year I try to improve the processing and I incorporate the macramé into my collection to make all more personal and unique.


The power of inclusion stars from a feeling of apathy that involves contemporary society. Rivalry, individualism, distrust characterize global cities, they are so large that make man part of a unmanageable and difficult system.
In the uncontaminated places of the world, there are settlemets and they live in primitive way and they are connected with their own earth. They did not allow themselves to be invaded by the visual world and the internet and by the burdens of contemporary man.
I start from the fashion photographer Vivianne Sassen who collects portraits of these men and women in a simple group inclusion, where belonging and empathy generate rhythm and solidarity. The purity and realism of her images didn’t have filters.
The material experimentations star from twisted wires that remind a connection of lives and relationships. Macrame is the technique used, which after several experiments has led to the creation of an entire collection in its various product forms.
The colors used are saturated and technical in appearance, accompanied by more neutral colors. The materials are nylon, knits, cotton, gabardine, yarns and ropes.
The collection is not just for a particular sex and gender, it leaves the freedom to wear what all of us want.

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For the realization of the image and the photoshoot the fashion designer Matilde Rech’s clothes inspired me to analyze the community and the sense of belonging, they become the key point of my work.
The union that her clothes create through long macramè weaves to the wearer inspired the photoshoot. The interaction of her garments and models has created movement and synergy.
From here takes the name I wanted to give this collection “Ease”.

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Costanza Sapuppo

Fashion design student, focus on fashion styling.