The Perverse

If we stop for a moment to consider the different peoples scattered on the face of the earth and go through the annals of the nations, we find a religion and a cult everywhere.
Superstition, known to every human being, is a ritual dictated by ignorance, the result of errors, outdated beliefs, irrational attitudes, it can become very dangerous as it tries to blend in with bliss and religion.
Superstition produces dualism or the belief of two principles: an aberration towards collapsed ethical principles and an awareness that in turn generates fear.
To generate bizarre, extraordinary and imaginative images in line with what is the poetics of symbolism; or exploring the world of the unconscious, which is beyond common reality is the first step towards my research.

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Cristiano Ragazzoni

My name is Cristiano and I grew up in Venice, I have been studying in Milan for three years now at NABA.
Studying fashion design allowed me to explore experimental creative fields in which I was able to express my whole inner world.
My research always starts from a ritual of fabrics, I love fabrics and textile ennobling, I am convinced that the future will come to appreciate first of all the material and immediately after the silhouette, starting from conscious fabrics, designed and made not to damage our earthly life.
I love reading old books and I am fascinated by symbolist art, the materiality and the colors that distinguish the trait help me in the research and development of my clothes. I love everything that is new but left to forget for years or centuries perhaps because nobody wants to talk about it or maybe they are just Totems and taboos for a few.
From here my research conveys without being perceptive in ancestral concepts but prone to contemporaneity on the other hand we are in the era of memes!
My passion for fashion was born from my grandmother, certainly banal but it is so, the tales of contemporary costumes fascinated me and the family stores helped me to get closer to the fashion system.
My biggest dream is to be able to get to freedom of expression and remove stereotypes in the male world through clothing and accessories.