The Floating Siren

My women's collection comes from a cue related to the song of the mermaids, investigating it in depth, since the appearance of the first depictions of these creatures on the stone walls of the caves where primitive men lived. The iconography linked to this figure has been analyzed in depth to get to design the collection The floating siren.
The embroideries and sharpening refer to the depictions of the proto mermaids, the harpies, present on the Greek vases with red and black figures. Some references to the physical structure of the sirens are taken from the decorations on the shoulder pads or on the metal slats that make up the mini-tops.
The fabrics of the collection come from a search for three-dimensional fabrics, which create textures with a slight and impalpable depth. The styling of the outfits is based on the overlapping of garments that connect fabrics with different weights and rigidities.

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