Laura Karina Vazquez Escalante

During my life I have realized I am my own form of self expression and how this can be a channel to communicate with the world.
I would describe myself as a highly motivated entrepreneur who has had the privilege of being exposed to many different cultures, and genuinely loves to include such influence in design.
Looking forward to following my personal projects such as BERAWX, the Unisex Artwear brand I founded, and coming up with new textile collections based on adventures around the globe.


A collection inspired by the very essence of human
existence, about embracing each individual’s true uniqueness.

How we are all made of something more than matter or flesh. We are all made of energy. Each of us possesses powerful spinning forces throughout the body, and the way we channel such energy affects our everyday lives.

In this collection I mean to raise awareness over embracing one’s true uniqueness, how we could be completely different in both context and physical ways, but it is important to recognize that each of those differences is mainly essential in order to truly respect yourself and your energy.

An emanation which shape and color could vary
depending on the person and its state. This collection is about portraying one’s essence. One’s uniqueness. One’s individuality. One’s energy.

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“The Energy Within Us” is a collection of authenticity, transformity and our inner light shining outwards for the world to see. A collection based on the first law of Thermodynamics, being that the amount of energy in the universe is constant and incapable of being destroyed. It can just be changed from one form to another. The designer's collection, consisting of 20 garments, carries this indestructible energy all through its garments - from the flow of the fabric to the texture to the authentic gemstones carrying their own unique being, sewn into each individual piece. As the stylist, i wanted to visualize this flow of inner entity - from the designer and her brand identity to that of her collection.

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Emilija Anna Bitmane

My name is Emilija Anna Bitmane and I am an aspiring stylist from Riga, Latvia. My love for fashion came to me a little later in life. My love for film and costume is what sparked my interest, and from then on, it has only expanded, like fashion, above all else, is incredibly diverse. My view on fashion and styling, and the role i wish to play in it, is slightly more humanitarian. I believe that fashion has an immense power to influence, and why not use this power to do good, be good, and of course, to look good. To show a perspective.