The dance the waves

The DANCe of the WAVES

“ When all else fails and you long to be “
Something better than you are today
I know a place where you can get away
It's called a dance floor and here's what it's for so.

So says Madonna’s Vogue text, where in a society surrounded by perfect models, everyone must fully express himself and his goal in life, on the dance floor.
From here I created my own dance: the dance of the waves.
The dance is composed up of various stylistic elements that go to put together a woman collection.
The style that surrounds all the garments is that of Grace Kelly, an unforgettable princess, but also a determined and elegant woman.
The plastic fabrics and manipulations that recall the art deco sculptures of Demètre Chìparus.
The textile manipulation is composed of a textile padding that is inserted inside the stitching produced with the sewing machine, which appears on shirts and coats.
The colors used recall “Composition IV” by Kandinsky.
The palette varies from burgundy, pink to blue shades.

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Luca Galletti

My name is Luca Galletti, I’m 22 years old, i live near Milan. I attend the last year of Naba in the fashion Design course, my passion for fashion was born since, i was child, beause i loved drawng and create dresses for women. For this reason, when i chose high school, i instinctively wrote to a professional fashion instituite. In this process i was able to become more and more passionate about modeling and the making of clothing.

From the Art Deco to the Abstractionism of Kandinsky, between the iconic ‘50s silhouettes and the cutting-edge shapes... “The dance of waves” is an ode to the unrestricted and natural motions. It’s a personal way of being. Everyone can express their own personality through the act of dancing. On the dance floor everyone can leave their fears and insecurities.
Everyone can be who they really are.
The woman who wears the pieces of the collection, like a modern Isadora Duncan, experiments with notion of free-spiritedness. The designer plays with transparency and fabric manipulation. The style is sophisticated, artistic and classic at the same time.

Lisa Martin

Mi considero un soggetto irrimediabilmente curioso. Divoratrice di film e musica, da cui traggo principale ispirazione, metto creatività, impegno e dedizione in tutto quello che faccio.
Sono nata a Trento il 31 gennaio del 1997. Fin dai primi anni di vita ho scoperto la passione per l’arte. Ho sempre disegnato, mettendo su carta le mie fantasie. Attraverso la moda ho appreso che l’immaginazione poteva non avere confini.
Il mio progetto vuole essere un’ode al corpo e al movimento libero. Trae ispirazione da una musa d’eccezione, Isadora Duncan.