The Beat of Candoble

The collection is based on the reinterpretation of the Candomblé costume, an Afro-Brazilian ritual that mixes ancient animistic religions and Catholic elements.
Originally, the ritual was characterized by an dramatic dance that brought together African slaves and their descendants, while now the dance is accompanied by a more powerful rhythm dictated by the drums.
The main features that are reflected in the collection are the extremely large volumes, the detailed decorations and the wide use of the white color.
Furthermore, the shapes of the collection have been taken from the dunes of the Lencois Maranhenses desert, which refer to fluidity and torsion, elements repeated throughout the collection.

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Elisa Bertolina

I was born in Bormio, a small village in the north of Lombardy located on the Alps, and now I live between Livigno and Milan.
My passion for fashion comes from when I started exploring this world more in detail.
I have always liked the world of clothing and I love watching other people and their style.
My dream has always been to design and realize what I like and see it worn by other people.

Sofia Bassi

Hi, I am Sofia Bassi and I live in Morbegno, a small town in Valtellina. I have always had a certain passion for fashion since I was a little girl. I have always chosen what to wear to go to school since elementary school and I have always bought fashion magazines in order to stay up to date. It’s a way that has always fascinated me because behind it there are so many people who do a thousand different jobs.
The idea for this project came from talking to my designer and our desire to represent this theme in a more modern way. So we thought about creating these Gifs that could go on social media, so that we could get as many people as possible.