The Beat of a Generation

The individual freedom and the exploration of alternative worlds that, in the late 1960s, faced the narrow-mindedness of a faked moral respectability, were amplified in the movie "Once upon a time in Hollywood" written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Analyzing the plot of the movie and its historical context, my women's collection aims to emphasize the duality of a conflict where the prêt-à-porter of social well-being collides with the personal creativity of the counterculture. On one side the beat generation in the upper-class version and on the other the more wrinkled fashion of the suburbs. A clear dualism that becomes even more evident in the chromatic and formal choice of my collection influenced by the optical and kinetic arts and the currents of the abstract arts. The juxtaposition, the combination of primary colors and the different geometric shapes in painting, become form, sign and rhythm in this fashion collection that tells of a reality in a progressive metamorphosis.

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Giulia Alquati

I’m Giulia Alquati, I’m 21 years old. I was born in Varese on January 13, 1999 and I live near Como. I attended the Artist High School, now I’m studying at Naba University and I will graduate soon. My personal competences are: ability to work in team, good communication and relational skills with customers, suppliers and collaborators. Ability to manage a job and to respect delivery times, to make decisions independently and to solve problems. Knowledge of Adobe and Office package. Good ability in manual artistic drawing, graphic, digital and sartorial skills.

The individual freedom and the exposition of alternative worlds that, in the late 1960s they came across closures to the artificial moralist respectability, they find representation on the film “Once upon a time in Hollywood”of Quentin Tarantino; which was a source of inspiration for the first collection of the Lula brand. The "The beat of a generation" collection lets itself be influenced by the duality of the two generations in comparison: the upper class with the beat generation and the hippie community with the crumpled fashion of the suburbs.
The nascent brand brings with it the interest in cinematography which will be the founding pillar of all its collections. The institutional graphics take up the designer's taste and peculiar characteristics. Branding follows a guiding line dictated by pastel colors and an elegant and polite taste. The collection graphics combine the institutional part with the theme of the collection creating a fun and colorful atmosphere.

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Lucrezia Radice

My name is lucrezia radice I’m twenty-one years old.
I started drawing and this took me to the choice of study art in the high school.
Growing up I found really interesting when art connects with communication because I think all kind of arts can tell a different story. That’s why I wanted to find something that could link my two passion: fashion and communication. This is the reason why I choose to study fashion styling and communication at Naba in Milan.
In the art world I delight in landscape watercolors painting, linked to my interest in the Italian territory.