Ludovica Berardi

I'm Ludovica Berardi, I'm 22 and I live in Rome. I attending Fashion Design at NABA.
I’m a creative person, passionate about art and craftsmanship. I love working in the textile sector. In particular, I deal with dyeing and printing. I am also an illustrator and seamstress.
Each of my collections is a mix of craftsmanship and art.


The Time, The Storm
Latin term with double meaning; a violent atmospheric disturbance of various extension and duration, and the passage of time.
Two meanings that come together to create a collection that, inspired by the central Monte Martini, plays in favor of time, merging “classicism” and “industry, two temporally different worlds. This osmosis emphasized by rust is the representation of the passage of time.

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A combination of diametrically opposed worlds, that of classicism and industrial archaeology, which were for the first time brought together in a space organized in such a way that the pre-existing finds remained intact and did not distort each other.
An accurate research of the classical Roman age through statuary, hybridized to the industrial era through raw materials.
A study that leads to the creation of fashion products, where the silhouette resides as the protagonist, as it represents the fusion of the two times . The bridge, by definition of non-place, is that element that unites the two ways of communication.

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Claudia Capone

I am Claudia Capone and I am a fashion styling student at NABA. I live in Rome, my home town. The formation of an Italian academy allowed me to obtain a cultural database and to find my place in art, focused on visual design.
Made-in-Italy’s background has contributed to create one of my creative skills, storytelling. Each my artwork is inspired by different artistry, interpretations and personal backdrops.