Rebecca Rizzi

Hi, my name is Rebecca, I was born in Erba, a small town near Como.

I have always been attracted to the elegance, sensuality and power that lies behind a dress.

I am, by nature, a curious girl with a passion for fashion, design, art and architecture. This is why I always try to combine these passions of mine with each of my projects.

The course of study as a fashion designer has helped me to capture stimuli from everything that surrounds my daily life, transforming thoughts and feelings into real objects.

I always try to learn new skills and take on more responsibilities to grow professionally.

Symptoms of a Metamorphosis

A woman collection, which tells about the birth of a multifaceted world, in which human beings have started to change their shape.

The collection is inspired by the psychedelic garden of Alice in Wonderland and the delicate profile of the flowers that come to life in this universe, with powerful movements, clinging to the naked bodies until stratifying, giving rise to new provocative silhouette.

Color plays a fundamental position. I imagined the woman as the color of flowers, studying pairs of harmonies and acid colors among themselves.

I have studied an evolution of volumes to celebrate sculptural and couture dresses, contemporary and colorful, but promoting refinement and sensuality in the same way, adapting the body to the dress.

The purpose of this collection was to create a great dream of the mind, outside of everyday reality, in a fantasy world populated by strange metamorphic creatures, in which everything is possible and designed to excite the eyes of the viewer.

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My interpretation of the “Symptomps of a Metamorphosis” collection, is to highlight the fusion between man and nature. Is a women’s collection, spring/summer, which tells the birth of a multifaceted and luxuriant world, in which human beings have started to change their shape, becoming half man and half flora. The collection is therefore inspired by the flower garden
and psychedelic of Alice in Wonderland and the unique and elegant shape of the flowers that come to life with sensual and powerful movements.
An idyllic atmosphere with bright colors, in which a mix of sculpture and couture dresses with extremely feminine and sophisticated silhouettes are placed. The woman we are going to dress with this collection is a sensual and wealthy woman. She is able to wear these clothes without fear or shame, but quite the opposite, a determined and independent woman.

Francesco Paolucci

Francesco was born in Terni, Italy in the month of April and he’s class of 2000. He attends the Academy of Fine Arts NABA, majoring in Fashion Styling & Communication. He’s keen on trends and he’s always looking for new silhouettes with the art of layering. He started his path as a stylist assisting several affirmed ones. This gave him the opportunity to travel and know the Fashion world on a deeper level. He’s also collaborated with a few magazines, such as Moevir. He tries not to lose any opportunity that involves being around arts and music, he adores traveling and watching plays at the theater.