Submerged Soul

Submerged soul was born from the sea.
Was it born from the relaxing sound of the waves that run and crash on the rocks or from that sound almost suffocated in a bubble, from the scream of a polluted soul?
Was it born from the memory that each of us has of the sea or from what it is now?

Everything that is part of the sea and its world, all the emotions related to my childhood memories become inspiration for this capsule.
The "beautiful" and the "ugly" of the sea, its seabed and its surface come together and collide giving life to a collection of contrasts: net, plastic and strong colors fabrics are combined with softer and more pure colors, manual processing with looms and yarns.
The iconic garment is the onesie which, in addition to remembering the diving suits, brings back to the sense of suffocation and the idea of ​​something that has remained attached to the body.
The imaginary figure is that of a woman who, coming out of the water, carries both parts of the sea with her.

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Alessia Santoro

I’m Alessia Santoro and I come from Fano (PU) in Marche where I studied Fashion Design in an artistic high school. Below I decided to enroll in NABA to follow my passion and the course of study undertaken helped me to develop my personal style, to discover new fields and consolidate my strengths. Thanks to NABA I also had the opportunity to win various contests, work on the backstage of the fashion shows and enter more into the context of the work. During the three years I became passionate about the world of illustration, knitwear and textiles trying to incorporate them into my collections to make everything more unique and refined.