Camilla Ruggerini

Camilla Ruggerini was born and raised in Concorezzo (MB). She studies Fashion Design at Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, the New Academy of Fine Arts), where she attends the third year. She decided to study fashion after studying scenography at Liceo Artistico Preziosissimo Sangue in Monza, driven by the urge to explore new spaces of expression that, from the limited space of the stage, could open up to human, intimate and surreal dimensions. Recovering and reusing waste material to create personalized or unique. Optimizing production processes and giving new life to what already exists means awakening the senses, restoring memory and the relationship with the world around us. Emotion, seen as a stream of consciousness, the expression of an inner surreal world, becomes a way of interpreting the research between virtual and real. C Prints and colors then become the aesthetic languages for communicating this message and emotionality, prompting us to reflect on who we are and where we are headed.

UMIDO I - diorama interno

Internal diorama

The goal of the project is to create a Women's Collection.

Telling my internal place, as a surrealistic diorama.
Letting in images that are not supposed to be inside our minds
The vision of an interior landscape consists of multiple layers that give a feeling of a non-existent and surrealistic world, a diorama based on the re-evaluation of the unconscious, the imagination, the wonderful and the magical, as true reality, against logic and rationality.
My perception of the surreal as an internal, humid and organic place, transmitted through the processing of the material, the layering of the fabric and the use of prints.

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Volcanic ash and lapilli of destruction.
The arid malaise of human self-destruction identified in the overheating of the globe: The deadly heat of aridity.
Opposed to this vision is the utopia of lushness, understood as the pinnacle of well-being and synonymous with vitality.
The brand's humid matericity ideally represents a winning weapon against arid death.

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Micol Ceretta

Milano, Italy

Hi I am Micol, I am 22 and originally from Friuli, a region in the north of Italy. I currently live in Milan, I moved here mainly to study but also to work.
My passion for fashion stems from the importance of clothing as a means of expression for me.
This project is about the designer's mental landscape contrasted with the dryness of real life.
I decided to create a situation very close to death, highlighting how the strength to try can lead to rebirth.