An eco-susteinable collection yes.. but in what sense?
Eco-susteinability deals with self guarding an organism in its natural environment, the choice of the environment in this case falls on a urban ecosystem, in a particular suburban/peripheral, where the struggle for survival is the order of the day and where the weakest organisms must find a way to blend in and stand out among more ferocious organisms, hence the inspiration for the drill world: a youth subculture linked to the street world born in Chicago and developing especially in the UK and thoroughout Italy.
The distinctive sign? The covered face, dark clothes and an ostentation of ferocity as well as delicacy and desire for revenge.

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Giuseppe Vanelli

I am Giuseppe Vanelli aspiring designer, Stylist, Art director I was born in
Pavia, Italy.
My love for fashion was born as a child and is intertwined with sport, sneakers
and streetwear.
I strongly believe in the communicative power of fashion and I think it is an
obligation for any designer to use it for right causes such as respect for our
I would like to be able to put my graphic and creative communication skills at
the service of fashion.