Chiara Scaflioni

My name is Chiara Scaglioni, I am 21 years old Italian girl who is
trying to walk her way into the fashion world. Since childhood I have
always been creating and crafting things with my hands, what I
pictured my mind had to become reality.
This is what still pushes me today in everything I do, and I believe it
will continue for the rest of my life.



How would our life look without colors? Plain, empty and, for sure,
different. Spectrum rises right from this reflection. Colors affect our
existence, our mind, our bodies. But they do it in a different way for
each one of us and, somehow, they tell something about us.
After looking at this collection I ask you to close your eyes, breath
deeply and think about the first color that comes to your mind. That is
gonna be your place in the Spectrum.

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The collection is inspired by the concept of chromotherapy and the effect that colors have on us.
The garments are colorful, light, feminine, meant to be worn by elegant and confident women.

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Isabel Rizzo

Hi, my name is Isabel, I was born in Pordenone, Italy.
My passion for fashion is something I have since I remembered, because I’ve always been attracted by clothes and fashion magazine to see all the looks from big brands.
But if I think about it I think it was born also thanks to my grandmother who was a seamstress and I’ve spent so many years with her, being on her side looking at what she was sewing and helping her choosing fabrics, buttons,...
I’ve also always wanted to create dresses for my dolls and so I started expressing my style since the beginning.

The project was inspired by the concept of chromotherapy and to represent it I wanted to play with colorful complementary lights in respect of the outfit that was shot.
Furthermore for the video, the model would act differently based on the color of the outfit she’s wearing, representing the effect of that color on us.
I decided to go for an electronic type of music so she could have moved and change her attitude more freely.