Something Human

My collection explores the topic of human exploitation in the world of fast fashion.
I wanted to focus on the problem of a huge workforce that doesn't have rights, that is exploited and that it is not acknowledged by most people.
I want people to know what is happening behind the scenes of many fashion companies.
The concept is that clothes are not only made of fabrics but, symbolically speaking, they are also made of the hands of the men, women and children used by companies to create them. All the outfits of my collection feature a part of the human body to point out the physical effort and mental strain of people exploited. In one of the outfits there are dolls imprisoned by a nylon net, that compresses and suffocates them. The collection aims to report the awful reality of the exploitation and to be an eye-opener for people on this problem.

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Laura Brughera

I'm 22 years old and I come from a village near Lake Maggiore. I have a diploma in scientific matters and now I'm going to graduate in Fashion Design at NABA. I'm eager to learn and to take on creative challenges.
Once I began university, I found many brilliant ways to explore my creativity but I also discovered a side of the fashion world that I didn't know about and that upset me. I decided to communicate a message and emotions through my collections. ''something human'' was created to report the problems and the danger caused by human exploitation.

L’essere umano va rispettato e trattato come una persona fin dal suo concepimento e, pertanto, da quello stesso momento gli si devono riconoscere i diritti. Lo sfruttamento della manodopera purtroppo continua ad essere molto diffuso nel mondo, e riflettendo su questa parola composta ho deciso di realizzare uno shooting in una stanza scura dove all’interno ci sarà una luce calda volta ad illuminare il corpo della modella che si comporterà come un burattino mettendo in scena un’opera quasi teatrale.

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