Soeara jang Tersemboenji

Inspired by “Sound of Fashion”, this collection is about historical songs of Indonesia (songs which were made during the misery of colonisation).
One might wonder, “What happened in Indonesia back then? Why is it so important?”. Back in historical time, Indonesia was colonised for 350 years by Dutch and another 3 years by Japan. It was such an overwhelming history as the Dutch who decided what kind of crops (and in what quantity) had to be delivered by the Javanese peasants. Generally it meant that Javanese peasants had to hand over one-fifth of their harvests to the Dutch. In return the peasants received an arbitrarily fixed compensation in cash which basically had no relation to the value of the crop on the world market. For 350 years, Indonesians were living in fear and misery. There was even a time, when they did not have proper clothes to wear that they had to wear clothes made out of jute which made them have skin diseases. Most people were either starved or worked to their deaths. A lot of things happened until 350 years later, they became one and fought back for their beloved motherland. On 17th of August 1945, they finally held a national ceremony, declaring their independence. And now, it has been 75 years since that happened but I personally feel we are still “colonised” subconsciously. Most of the successful companies (telecommunication companies, banks, etc) are not local companies but foreign companies. Shopping malls and markets also promote foreign products instead of local ones and the worse part is, people prefer to buy foreign ones. Seeing Indonesia has not changed much since its Independence Day, I would like to do something meaningful which could bring a positive impact to my country. 
The Proclamation of Indonesia was held on Friday, August 17th 1945 AD (or could be said on August 17th 2605, according to the Japanese year). It was read by Soekarno, accompanied by Drs. Mohammad Hatta. It is located at Pegangsaan Timur 56 Road, Central Jakarta. This project’s main goal is to remind people how incredible and beautiful Indonesian history and culture is, especially batik

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