Antonella Vecchio

Ciao, sono Antonella Vecchio, ho 21 anni e sono nata a Monopoli, nel sud Italia.
Ho iniziato a guardare mia madre disegnare quando ero piccolissima e quando ho iniziato io, i miei primi disegni sono stati abiti.
Life Crack è una collezione donna che riflette sullo scorrere del tempo, forse perchè la pandemia mi ha fatto riflettere sul fatto che il tempo scorre troppo velocemente e non dobbiamo perdere tempo per raggiungere i nostri obiettivi.
É una collezione per una donna borghese che indossa tessuti made in Italy e che sa apprezzare la ricerca dettagliata delle rifiniture della collezione.
Inoltre c’è stata una ricerca sui colori e sull’ armocromia per esaltare tutte le donne che la indossano.


“LIFE CRACK” is a reflection on the passage of time and the return to origins.
There are 24 time zones on Earth, but the way in which time is marked and lives pass is the same. During the design and experimentation phases, the iconographic research has developed a parallelism between the phases of human and terrestrial aging through the keywords "aged, cracked, venous, deteriorated" and has evolved into a study of details and types of finishing. The study of the color palette a study of the use of color in clothing as a form of imitation of the color balance found in nature.

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The “LIFE CRACK” collection proposes a reflection on the passage of time
and on the return to origins that has leather and its phases as its research
Therefore the skin is the starting theme, which represents our wholeness, our
nakedness, our return to our origins and our birth.
During the design and experimentation phases, research on leather and
aging has evolved and has given birth to a study of the details and alternative
types of garment finishes.
In addition, it is observed that in addition to the flow of our
biological clock, there is the deterioration of our Earth. It is deduced that the
human being matures and
it touches the planet together, so it is our duty to preserve our youth and that
of our planet, taking care of it, respecting it and making responsible choices.
Armocromia is also a further starting point for research and offers a collection
in which we try to balance colors for each armocromatic season.

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