Siamo Figli

Siamo Figli
Any gender, any age.

It all began during a midsummer dream.
I can remember a banquet of dancing people:
70's vibrations mixed with 90's happy hardcore;
a pic nik by the lake that turns into a make-out party.

The new generations that meet the previous ones,
in a system that repeats itself
in concepts, feelings and aesthetics.

The day after a PHONE call from my grandma.
She told me about her 25 years,
the economic boom, the "green protests",
hot pants long jackets.
Then I called my mother asking about her 25:
a Polish woman, who managed the looks of 4 daughters among hand-sewn garments and cousin’s dismissed clothes.

What about your 25?
Desires remain the same in a circular system:
fun, equality and a clean better world, where you don't feel guilty about leaving a new trace of yourself.

I combine the aesthetics of three generations, evaluating each element on my USE ME FOR EVER policy:
Vegan knitwear,
jerseys and reticles from the deadstocks,
disused vintage buttons,
homemade dyeing.

Open, ethical and multi-cultural.
Dream with me.

Hope you like it,
Bye Bye!

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Jennifer Gervasi

Hi everyone, I'm Jennifer Gervasi!
I will probably have been born on a foggy day in Enna, Italy.

Anyone would say that fashion is beauty, I believe that fashion is about knowledge.
What you wear says what you know, what happens to you, who you want to be.
I started following fashion when I realized that it's about multi-connecting everything.
A garment weaves layers of meaning: from the oldest musical trend to the latest news.
Looking for the ZEITGEIST .
Beauty, therefore, comes out when we see in a look, an aesthetic that belongs to us or that we desire.
Satisfaction and euphoria, yes, now you are part of a category!

This year I have created a collection for everybody.

(we are the children)
Any gender, any age.
Open, ethical and multi-cultural.

It all started during a midsummer dream.
A banquet of dancing people: 70's vibes and 90's happy hardcore; a pic nik by the lake that turns into a necking party !
Vegan knitwear, jersey and reticles from deadstocks, disused vintage buttons, home-made colors and generational influences.
Recognize yourself in one of the figures and start being part of the same dream!

Thanks JG